Inspiration for August 22nd: ARYZ

Dontcha just love the internet? At it’s best this web thing helps us learn new things, turns us on to new ideas and makes discovering new talent easier than ever. Today thanks to this fancy-pants technology, I discovered the incredible work of graffiti artist and muralist ARYZ. On August the 22nd, as luck should have it, Juxtapoz magazine featured a spread on the completion of ARYZ mural in Copenhagen, the beauty you see above. His work is breathtaking in scope and size and left me über inspired today. Like take a look at this marvel below, entitled, “Dreamer”.

Painted on the side of a factory in Catalunya, Dreamer makes me want to dream even bigger. Admittedly, I am no visual artist but the works of ARYZ make me want to expand the reach of my writing and take things several stories up, if only in a figurative sense. ARYZ’s website is definitely worth a click-through. His work transcends street art with soul, tenderness and sense of humor.

As this cloudy Wednesday slowly ticks away, I am filled with the dream  and desire to take things bigger- creatively, spiritually, emotionally. I’m also motivated to stay open to discovering new artists, music, film and obsession. Because, whether its a website or the side of a building in Germany,  you just never know where your next big inspiration might come from.