Please Don’t Let This Feeling End (part 2)

Two years ago today I started writing this blog. The point of the whole exercise was to sort of track my progress thus far in recovery. I was nearly 3 years sober at the time and things I thought I could never look at or write about suddenly seemed like they would be interesting to put down . Some of it was still hard to write about but a lot of it was enlightening or informative and even more of it was really funny. What wound up happening was this crazy journey of blogging, connecting to other writers and a practice of writing truthfully about my life. Please enjoy this foul-mouthed gingerbread man found on a dish towel at Ross and then I’ll continue my navel gazing and self-congratulation.


2 years later a lot has changed. I’ve had 2 full-length shows professionally produced, tons of stuff published, health issues, losses, triumphs and the regular flow of life that happens to everyone even non narcissists who don’t feel the need to track their own every move on social media. In short, I’m not the blogger that I used to be. Speaking of narcissism, let me quote myself to help me hurry up and get to the point. In the post entitled Please Don’t Let This Feeling End, I describe my purpose of writing this blog as follows:

“In a way, urtheinspiration is my greatest hits. Thoughts I’ve had, secrets I’ve kept, memories that have come back, memories that are still fuzzy and new theme songs. Also, You’re the inspiration refers to you, the people I know and don’t know who battle addiction and adversity who routinely tell me, “yes, you can get through this.””

While that is still true, this blog had changed since it was born two years ago. Like any two-year old, it’s wild, cranky, unpredictable and easily bored. So my interest in blogging and writing in general as of late has been passing at best. I whine that I’m not inspired. Or that I don’t have any time. Or ideas. Or motivation. In other words, I invent loads of horseshit in order to keep me from producing things and being creative. Sounds insane I know but let’s consider the source here for a minute, shall we? So going into our third year, I’m going to mix things up around this joint.  I’ll still write about recovery and all the crazy things inside my head. But I also want to publish more visual posts, original videos, short fiction and randomness to keep this little two-year old stimulated and entertained. And hopefully you all will be entertained too! Mainly I want to keep writing because  I love it and I still don’t want this to end. It may not come again and I want to remember.

Thanks again for reading and happy holidays!






Day 27 of 30 Days of Blog finds me running around like a moron. I’m attending a wedding, putting out some work fires and generally trying to keep my head out of my backside. I would consider myself the “b word” (no, not that b word). Busy. But not in the cop-out American “I’m so busy” way like being busy should deserve me a parade or a special parking spot. I’m busy in the way that I am blessed to do things I love. Listen, I’m lucky to have a life that is full and involves more than waiting tables and drinking tequila until my brain falls out of head. This being said, I thought I’d use today’s post to breathe and let readers get caught up while sharing some news.

First off, the news. My new e-book, The Potato Salad Variations has been delayed on the account of my health funkiness and some editing sluggishness. But it will be out in the middle of July and I hope you guys read it. I think it’ll be funny-sad-ridiculous-uplifting. Plus, it has some stories I’ve never put on paper with yummy recipes to boot! It will once again be available thru and I’ll let you know the exact date as we get closer.

Next the catchup. I have had friends and readers say that my 30 days of blogging has given them too much to read. Fair enough. Take today to get all caught up. Some of the posts I really enjoyed writing this month are as follows:

* loved the cathartic feeling of blogging about being 17

* also really liked this goofy post about penguins.

*my fav post of the month (so far) also features my favorite Stevie song 

* and when in doubt, start at the beginning!

So will I survive being busy without acting like an entitled jerk? And what accessories will save my wedding outfit? And how many pieces of cake will I really have? You’ll just have to read tomorrow to find out! And thank you in advance for doing that, by the way. 🙂



the man, the myth, the mayonnaise



I thought I’d use today’s post to talk about something really fascinating: myself and my upcoming projects! I kid but since I’m blogging everyday I figured today would be a good opportunity to talk about my new memoir with recipes, The Potato Salad Variations. Last winter I self-published A Tough Cookie Christmas, just your average holiday story about a drunken hot mess who get his life together and bakes cookies, and I had so much fun with that project I decided to put out a sequel or companion of sorts. Hence The Potato Salad Variations was born. As food magazine reader, avid Top Chef watcher and overly confident home cook, I’d say I’m something of a foodie and food lover. What’s more is I kind of have a crazy memory for the things I ate and where I ate them. Food, for me, plays such a huge part in a lot of my biggest life moments that I liked the idea of tying recipes in with stories from my life.

The Potato Salad Variations tells three stories from my life using three different recipes for potato salad as sort of the guideposts and markers in my personal history. There was a series of humiliating barbecues which I alluded to in yesterday’s post that lead up to me hitting rock bottom in 2009. Present at each of these functions was potato salad. In fact, the creamy side dish of the gods could be spotted at everything from my baby brother’s baptism to my high school graduation and everything in between. Potato salad, like dysfunction and redemption, has been a constant in my life so it made for a natural, albeit unusual, narrator for these stories. I confess the middle section of stories was a hard one for me write. I’ve talked about hitting bottom in thousands of meetings and told my story hundreds of times but for some reason writing about this messy period of my life was challenging and uncomfortable. That’s usually a good sign. It means I’m not bullshitting myself and that I’m telling the truth.

So I hope The Potato Salad Variations makes people laugh and that readers get something out of it. If not, that’s okay. I do know the recipes rock so at the very least I have that going for me and I know it’s 100% the story I wanted to tell. And in the end, what more can a writer ask for?

The Potato Salad Variations will be released on June 30, 2013 thru!