Inspiration for August 10th: Ronnie Spector

Happy Birthday, Ronnie Spector!

Clearly, the above song was chosen with my tongue firmly lodged in my cheek. Yet Ronnie defines the word “inspiration” for many reasons. Naturally, her genius and one of a kind vocal stylings can be found on 1960’s hits like Be My Baby and Walking in the Rain. But it’s her survivor spirit that inspires me today Ronnie was always considered the badass of the girl group scene. No one knew how much of a badass she really was until decades later when she wrote about living with Phil Spector. According to Wikipedia, Ronnie “claims Spector showed her a gold coffin with a glass top in his basement, promising to kill and display her if she left him. During Spector’s reclusive period in the late 1960s, he reportedly kept his wife locked inside their mansion.¬†She claimed he also hid her shoes to dissuade her from walking outside, and kept the house dark because he did not want anyone to see his balding head. Ronnie stated in her autobiography that she walked out of the house through the closed and locked rear sliding glass door, shoeless, shattering the glass as she left, and feet all cut up by the time she got to the gate. She never returned. Ronnie Spector filed for divorce in 1972.” Whoa. Talk about tough. Ronnie’s ability to survive Phil Spector’s brand of batshit craziness while remaining cool is admirable indeed.

She went on to have a comeback in the 80’s thanks to Eddie Money, record an album with Joey Ramone and recently recorded Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black. So yeah she’s still a badass. August 10th is a good of day as any to practice being “tougher”. Not tough in a defensive way, but tougher in the way of not letting little things bug me or hurt my feelings. Letting the small stuff roll of your back while still staying true to yourself is not easy but as Ronnie can tell you, it sure beats walking barefoot over broken glass.