Original Plays

Casual Encounters/Missed Connections: What would happen if those scandalous and sweet personal ads from Craigslist came to life? I wanted to find out so we  put together a show to answer that question! I wrote a series of vignettes based on real life ads and pasted them together in a show critics called “funny” and “profoundly touching”. The hit show opened on January 27th and ran through March 29th 2012 at in Denver. This show was a dream come true to work on and now you can have it come to your town! Watch this promo video for a taste of this hilariously random show.

The Singing Room:  Premiered in Denver April 27th 2013, The Singing Room explores one young woman’s humiliating birthday party filled with fear, embarrassment and of course karaoke! This two act play is unlike anything I’ve ever written and hopefully really, really funny. The Singing Room was directed by my amazingly talented husband Michael Emmitt and produced in Denver by Horse & Cart. The Singing Room will be available fall 2013 in print and for performances through Horse & Cart.   Here’s the original cast of the show singing their faces off:


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