Unplugged with love

This Twitterddicted, Facebook fiend and habitual Hulu-er is doing something radical for four days. I’m not going online!

I know the fact that I consider this radical might a be pathetic but for me it’s kind of a big deal. I’m ALWAYS online. I work online, I socialize online and I write from this here laptop. But as I prepare to leave for Scottsdale, Arizona my laptop is will be staying here in Denver. Last summer, I went to NYC and didn’t work at all. I found I enjoyed the city so much more. So I’m taking it a step further this time and powering off the whole time I’m gone. For the first time in years, all of my three beautiful and amazing siblings will be in one place and I don’t wanna miss a moment! My dad put together a little family reunion in the desert and I want to show up for the whole thing. So for once in my life I worked ahead, got all of my writing done for my clients and left no projects hanging. I even knocked out a nice solid start to my new play!  All signs point to unplug. And that’s what’ll do until Tuesday. Will I survive the high desert and my family without being high? Certainly. Will I survive without Twitter? That remains to be seen.

I’ll be back next week with reports from my sparkletastic trip to Arizona, some thoughts on getting your fabulous back after getting sober, and a post about how  play writing  is like having multiple personalities. Love all y’all! – S.