Inspiration for August 7th: Whatcha See is Whatcha Get

“And the real thing is the best thing yet.” – Whatcha See is Whatcha Get, The Dramatics

Today I am inspired by transparency. Well, transparency, funky bass-lines and multi-colored tuxedos. The above song by The Dramatics was burning up the charts during this week in 1971 but the gooey inspirational center of “Whatcha See is Whatcha Get” is the concept behind the sentiment. For a master B.S. artist like myself, being real or transparent is something that has often alluded me. It seemed so scary to let people see who I actually was for so many years.  But I can honestly say that today, for the most part, “whatcha see is whatcha get.” And this doesn’t mean I get to be a jerkface hiding under the “I yam who I yam!’ umbrella. This means I get to really be myself, warts and all.  Wearing masks or leaving out the truth or avoiding stuff is exhausting. I mean who has the time to do all of that plus learn those smoking dance moves and coordinate an entire rainbow of funky fresh suits?

So today, all day long, “Whatcha see is whatcha get.” I’ll embrace my gifts, laugh at my shortcomings and even take a little time to have my own private dance party.