My name is Sean and I’m a playwright, publicist and smartass. This blog tells the story of my recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, my life being HIV positive and other knee slappingly hilarious topics! It’s the feel good comedy of the summer.

This blog will change your life. Or maybe just make you laugh or distract you for five minutes. Either way, it’s a success.

Have a question? Want me to come a speak at an event? Like my writing and want to give me a bag of money? Want my play, Casual Encounters/Missed Connections to come to your town? Then email me, dammit! urtheinspiration@hotmail.com


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  1. You crack me up. What a great, honest blog! I have loved reading these posts. You have such a great sense of humor and you’re honest, too. Thanks so much for writing. Very colorful and fun but also moving. Love it. Heather

  2. Awesome blog! And precisely the kind of inspiration I want to be reading right now. Thanks for sharing your experiences 🙂

  3. So it looks like we started our blogs at about the same, are both super prolific must-read writers, and share a common city (although I grew up in Kentucky, spent 12 years in the city of all cities, Chicago before I moved here, and plan to live in about 5,000 other places before I die). What I’m trying to say in a very roundabout way, is, will you be my new bestie?

    Just kidding. I’m not a blog stalker.

    In all seriousness, first, thank you for following me. I’m going to return the favor. Second, how would you feel about me adding you to my blogroll? I’ve only read three of your posts but I love your voice and style, and will get to all of them before the week is over. I only have two blogs on there now because I’m super-selective, er, lazy. Finally, I’m a sucker for heartfelt, honest, tug-at-your-gut, triumph over tragedy stories (as is pretty much everyone else on the planet), which you write with eloquence and grace. So keep going. I’m in your court.

    • Thanks, Stacie! And I think blog besties is a relationship I could really enjoy! I would love to be on your blogroll and as soon as I get my act together I will return the favor. Thanks agin for reading and following and I’m happy to do the same.

  4. Sean i love your post about minimalism. I love that when you first refer to Carver,
    you accidentally call him “Craver.” Hilarious. Did you catch that? It came just after the lines about how you always want more… Continue to love your blog. Thanks for liking me even on a day when I go sort of Jesus freak. After years of feeling so disillusioned about my faith and some of God’s people, I am surprised by how I am coming full circle again in my blog, being able to talk about God or even Jesus without terror of someone thinking I’m one of the kinds of Christians I actually want to distance myself from. People like you make it easier. Thanks so much. Keep up the great work. By the way, is that white room yours? It’s amazing.

    • Craver! That is hilarious and subliminal I suppose. Thanks for the lovely comments and the support. No I wish that was my all white room. My office looks like more like a “before” picture from a makeover magazine. Ps- I loved your last blog and have some thoughts on it that I’ll post later. best- sean

    • Wow! Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to live by the “I’m only as sick as my secrets” code and hopefully being honest in this blog will help keep me on the path to wellness. Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading more from you too! ❤

  5. Sean, I was wondering if we could trade blog audiences. Really. You take the Christians, I’ll take whatever. Anything. I’d be willing to throw in dinner. Drinks. Wait, that won’t work, since I’m a drunk. Just please, think about it. Is there anything on the planet more scary and disconcerting than a Christian who is convinced he is RIGHT? Where do these people come from? And hey, isn’t it time for us to hear from you again soon? Heather

    • Omg. I know. I had an unfortunate incident on Twitter with one of “those” people recently. But yes you can have my audience anytime– they’re awesome! I tend to attract cool weirdos, ex-junkies, recovering drunks, and artsy types. They kind of rock. Yes, I’m on the mend and shall be bloggin in the next couple of days. Love ya. -S.

      • I knew it. I knew you were hogging all the cool people! Actually, I have found a great tribe of progressive Christians out there, but unfortunately, you end up catching some nasty fish in the same net.It turns out that I’m “leading people astray” and doomed to hell if I don’t repent of the wickedness of AA. Thanks for being my groovy friend. Love ya too. H

  6. Hey Sean…I was introduced to you by Kina – Human in Recovery!

    Wow, you tell a powerful tale in your opening statement buddy. And if it’s a comedy you’re writing…I’d like to tag along for the ride too 🙂

    A pleasure meeting you…


    • Thanks so much, Christy! I’m glad we found each other! We sober bloggers gotta stick together! Humor is a healer for sure and certainly an accessible way for me to talk about difficult topics honestly.

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