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Why, hello! Fancy bumping into you here.  I wish I had some incredible story to share as to why I haven’t been blogging as much. It seems like there should be an amazing trip to France or some fancy career thing happening but the truth is it’s just life happening. It’s gotten big and busy. Which I guess is a miracle enough. The fact that I have relationships, work and passions is incredible. I’m trying these days not to fall into the gross American habit of saying “busy” like it’s some handicap. Like having a life and being busy is something people should feel sorry for me about. Or being busy allows me to be a douche or gives me a free pass to be eternally cranky. The tricky thing about having a life, however, is staying focused and on track.  IMG_0479

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated his birthday by going to the Denver Botanic Gardens and the above sign was all over the place. Obviously, put in place so folks didn’t trample the pretty plants and flowers. The brazen bunnies and squirrels didn’t pay much attention to it but they live there so they kinda  get go wherever they want, signs be damned. The message of the sign, although intended to prevent botanical homicide, resonated with me. Currently, I’m collaborating on a poetry anthology, co-producing a bi-monthly showcase of new works, editing two monologues to appear in said showcase, handling the PR and marketing for Horse & Cart’s new production, working on my third full-length play and contributing to 3 blogs. And an awesome part-time job that forces me to get dressed up and interact with humans. I also have two demanding manageable conditions that need treatment daily, a marriage to cherish and cultivate and relationships to nurture to the best of my ability. Oh– and I’m also moving into a cute little duplex in November. So yeah. Boo hoo. My life is awesome. But I’d be lying if I said I handled it all flawlessly in a uber organized manner. Kind of the opposite. It seems like I get an avalanche of projects, have few days of “Holy Shit!’ and then somehow or another it gets done. All of it. It helps when I remember that I’m a writer and that I’m not saving lives. I’m just creating stuff which hopefully people will enjoy and some of it even pays me!

rule breaking bunny

I can also avoid the “overwhelmed by enormously important business” trap if I remember what my path is. Staying sober, helping others and continuing to grow as a creative person seems like a simple enough path for me to follow. Everything else falls into place when I’m on that path. I recently ended a longtime stint as a copywriter and content creator. Naturally, more doors have opened with that out of the way. More opportunities to help people and do creative projects I want to do have presented themselves too. It all feels easy and not stressful.  I have to remember to be grateful for my big full busy crazy life and it should be treated as a gift if I wanna hang onto it.  And if I need to get off the path, not return some phone calls and just hang out in the shade for a few minutes like the little rulebreaker pictured above, that’s okay too.

Amgios y Amigas, how do you stay on path? What’s your path? And how do you avoid feeling overwhelmed? Share with me in the comments section below!

9 thoughts on “stay on path

  1. Great post – thank you timing wise 🙂 I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment but I recognise myself in a lot of what you say – there is awesomeness around, I just need to step off for a bit 😉

  2. I was wondering where you were. Glad to see that you are staying out of trouble and using your talents wisely. Some of us get our lives back quicker than others, which says that we must be diligent in protecting our most precious gift … sobriety. Mother Teresa said that to a friend of mine. How do I stay on path? I do what is right in front of me on any given day. Like housework, laundry, cleaning, hitting a meeting, helping someone other than myself at least once a day, in person or on the phone. My life seems so boring compared to yours, but it is what it is. I hope in your busyness, during your days that you remember to connect to your grounding. Stay on Path, it is a very necessary phrase for me right now. I was looking for a sign, after posting tonight’s entry. And voila, I came here and here you are speaking the word I needed. thnx …

    • HI!
      Glad I could help. Yeah the guys I take thru the steps keep me grounded for sure as do things like going to detox meetings.None of my quality problems would exist if I was still using so I try to do whatever I can to hang onto it. Even when I’d rather take a nap.
      And you’re so right about doing what’s in front of you. Important for me to remember especially when I’m busy. Its so easy for me to get caught up and start living in 10 years from now.
      anywhoo, thanks for popping by and I hope life is good on your end! xo.- S.

  3. How do I deal with being overwhelmed? I recently learned a new tactic on that little adventure. When I “FEEL!!!!” overwhelmed, I stop. I look at the evidence. I realize that 1) Overwhelmed = feeling. 2) Overwhelmed does NOT = AHHH! I am going to die RIGHT THIS MINUTE! and 3) It will pass.
    While this doesn’t completely diffuse the feeling of being overwhelmed, it does help me to manage it well and not let it take me off the path. 🙂

    • Terrific response and you’re right. I’m only as “overwhelmed” as I let myself be. And I have to constantly remember just because I feel something doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Thanks for your thoughts!❤️

  4. That is a LOT of things, but they do all sound good! I tend to work in cycles. ALL THE THINGS, a rush of energy, and then a period of recovering and hibernation, during which I rest up, get bored, and start looking for the next challenge to tackle. This usually lines up with summer/winter seasons for me. Do you ever have sustained down time?

    • Hey Jennie!
      I don’t have a sustained down time per say. But it does run in cycles like you were saying. My holidays should be incredibly mellow since most of my family is going to CA and we’re staying home. So I plan on using that time for napping and hanging out and moving as little as possible.

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