happy laborless day


I’m all for juggling, multitasking and running around but every once and awhile, I need to do nothing. Like grab a book and maybe read it or maybe just nap kinda nothing. That was goal numero uno this weekend. After closing our incredible playoffs show on Thursday, I needed to relax for a couple of days. Besides, that evening of theatrical goodness, wherein I spoke quite a bit, had left me physically feeling wiped out and sounding like Demi Moore. Granted, I had a couple of deadlines and some preparations I needed to attend to this weekend along with some secret ninja service work stuff. But taking it easy was on the top of the list.


And so far, I’ve achieved it! Taking care of myself these days most of the times means knowing when to power down and chill out. Thankfully, one of the gifts of being positive is that my body lets me know pretty quickly when I need to lay the hell down. Overall, my health is better than the beginning of the summer which is an incredible gift.  It took me feeling really crap to realize that my self-care is a nonstop job and one I do better when I take the time to relax.

Lazy Boys - Print 2755

So friends, I hope that you too have found some time this weekend to do a little nothing. Oh! But what you should do (look at me getting all bossy) is go do a Google Image search for Lazy Animals. It’s like a total cute explosion. Happy Labor Day!


2 thoughts on “happy laborless day

  1. Isn’t it grand that we special people have a fail safe mechanism that alerts us to “shut down” every now and then? We are gifted in that way. Learning to take negative energy or any energy actually, – take a nap – and turn it inwards as positive energy for our bodies! At night, before bed I always take time to lay in bed and read for an hour or two – it winds down the day. I try not to read the same books over and over – but they sit by my bed in any case, but having fresh material to sink into before bed is a nightly treat. Sometimes, I can’t stand to sit in front of this box and type or tumble or surf not another minute more, and I actually turn off the box, call it a night, and crawl into bed an hour or two earlier than usual. Hubby likes when I do that. He tends to sleep more soundly when I am next to him.

    The almighty power nap is also a gift. We of poz natures, should indulge ourselves with a power nap during the day, an hour or two or three. To stop what we are doing and get into a cozy bed when we should be pounding out something – is a necessity sometimes. and it does our bodies and our sobrieties good.

    I learned long ago, after surviving into my 20th year, that listening to my body was sacrosanct. I know when I am not up to speed. Or when I need a nap, or when I need a meeting. Pay attention to the temple because if you don’t – it will take you down without question. And quite possibly keep you down longer than you anticipated.

    Tomorrow is holiday Monday here and everything is closed. Next stop Thanksgiving … October 14th !!! YAY …


    • “Pay attention to the temple because if you don’t – it will take you down without question. And quite possibly keep you down longer than you anticipated.” Ain’t that truth. As usual I’ve had to learn that the hard way. And amen to the power of napping. I swear they’re magic! Enjoy your holiday Jeremy! Hope you’re well. xo-S.

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