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Here’s what happens when you work alone most of the time: you lose your damn mind. I mean you kind of keep losing it and keep finding it. Naturally, you keep coming up with ways to re-find it, over and over again. But yeah you go crazy. And when you’re in the business of creating clever like I am while spending a lot of time alone, it’s easy to believe that you are the king of the universe and pretty darn special. As I sit and procrastinate writing, I usually have all kinds of brilliant things to say to imaginary people in my head or amazing ideas that could change the world if only everyone listened to me. Like I said, you go crazy. When I first started working freelance from home a friend of mine from the program said, “Make sure you get out during the day. After all, you’re spending a lot of time with the person who tried to kill you.”  That was a bitch slap I try not to forget so I’ve gotten better about leaving my house during the middle of the middle to run errands or go to meetings.

Even though, I’m incredibly hilarious and a wealth of knowledge, I find the most powerful thing I can do while I’m out in the world and away from my desk is listen. After writing, programming and listening to continuous broadcasts of The Sean Show, now presented in stereo on radio station KRAZY, all day long my brain needs to hear other stuff. After a particularly long stint listening to my own garbage, I found myself incredibly grumpy and mercifully on my way to a meeting on Friday afternoon. While there, people were discussing meditation. As they talked about the power of the tool and how it can transform their days, it dawned on me that my spiritual life had really taken a crap over the last few days. I got busy. I was stressed. I haven’t felt well. And blah, blah, blah. The meeting continued as I was instantly awakened to the fact that maybe things seem stressful and maybe I feel terrible in part because I’m not meditating. Major lightbulb! One I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t listening.

Some people describe prayer as talking to God and meditation as listening to God so it isn’t a surprise that this topic came up and resonated deeply with me. Later that day, I had a chance to actually listen to a friend whose life has been incredibly difficult. No one-liners. No advice. Just listening. Again, its powerful stuff to practice for the kid who was labeled “Talks to Much In Class” at an early age. It certainly goes against my nature as a loudmouth, joke telling smartass. But listening is something I need to do more of.

So in the spirit of that, I’ll be doing 30 Days of meditation when this 30 days of blogging ends. I have a practice but like my personal writing its spotty. This 30 Day Blog experiment has been a blast and now I can’t wait to implement in meditation. Who’s with me?

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  1. It is good to hear those lines about prayer and meditation. First we speak to God, then we must quiet ourselves to be able to listen for God. After all, if we are speaking all the time, as you say, who makes time to listen? I try every day to get out of the house. I schedule meetings throughout my week. (Sun-Tues-Thurs-Fri) It is important that we remember that “Presence” is the most important gift we can give others, on top of listening well. I’ve enjoyed this month long writing journey. And I think we all have learned a little bit more about you and your story. If it pleases you I will join your month long meditation series. There is plenty of material to put up 30 posts working in As Bill Sees It, Daily Reflections, and the 24 hour book. If you get a free moment look up ( she is a long time member in NYC and she writes and speaks frequently. I heard her here in Montreal at the round up last month. She speaks a great deal about prayer and meditation after spending a good amount of time studying the medium in meditation retreats and having been to Calcutta where she met and worked with the Missionaries of Charity under Mother Teresa.

    You’ve done a really good job this month.


    • Thanks Jeremy and thanks for your kind words! You always ‘get’ what I’m talking about and I’m eternally grateful for that.You should get some kind of prize for reading my stuff for so long! So yeah join my 30 day meditation party! I’m going to try 20 minutes every morning for the next 30 days. I know from previous stints how transformative it can be and looking forward to it.

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