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As I professional writer, ghostwriter, playwrite, copywriter and all-around monkey behind the keyboard, I pretty much write and blog everyday. Sadly, I don’t get to write over here as much as I would like. So when I recived the challegne to blog everyday in the month of June, I hopped at it. And as a person in recovery, consistency is kind of a big deal. “They”, that nefarious they who like to boss you around when you first come into 12 step programs, bang this into your head in the early days of recovery. “You need to go to 90 meetings in 90 days,” they say. “You need to pray everyday”, they tell you. “You need to call another drunk or junkie several times a week”, they order. The only thing I every did with regularity for over 20 years was get wasted and totally fuck up my life so I was skeptical that discipline and routinely doing anything other than that would even be possible. Nevertheless, I was kind of out of ideas seeing as though my own programs of fixing my life which consisted of everything from snorting Benadryl, half-assed studying of the Kabbalah, hiking away my hangovers, even less than half-assed attending of guided Shambala meditations, drinking non-alcoholic beer and smoking weed and beyond failed miserably. Maybe just shutting up and showing up everyday to meetings could work.Maybe little but revolutionary changes in habits every single day could save my life.  And one day at a time for the last over four years, it totally has.

Since that time, I’ve done some amazing and previously impossible things for over 30 days. A month without a cigarette turned into nearly 3 years without one. 30 days without sugar turned into 60 until the dreams of donuts and giant plates of pasta became impossible to deny. A month without meat turned into nearly a year. 30 days of making gratitude lists over 3 years ago has now turned into a daily ritual that has truly transformed my health, life and spirit.  The point is I can do lots of stuff for 30 days and since writing is something I do anyway, why not blog for the next 30 days? Besides, its a nice outlet for me right now. Having just closed a show and working on two book projects in various stages, blogging here feels like a relief.  Will some great idea spring from this month’s worth of posts? By the end of the month will I have some big revelation? Who knows. But what I do know is that none of this will happen if I don’t blog. Besides, I’m a big dreamer and I’ve seen amazing stuff happen in my own life by just making little changes everyday. And you never know what could happen! As Elvis puts it, “Even in a perfect world, where everyone is equal, I’d still own the films rights and be working on the sequel.”

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you write in the next 30 days! Recovery has brought me consistency too… it’s rather amazing how that happens. 🙂

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