I write about writing over at Keep Writing! and thought I’d share this post with you kids. Once I get thru tech week for my new show, I’ll have LOTS to share about and can’t wait to do so! xo- s.

Keep Writing!


I have no idea how love works or how it shows up or why it turns us into crazy people or better people but we are certain that it does. And we’re all glad it does its magic. The moments that I trust love to do its thing are always moments I’m glad for. I have been told by bigger and more  spiritual minds that we have two choices everyday, to live in love or to live in fear. This simple but not easy to practice philosophy works big time with writing. Fear can derail novels, knock down screenplays, erase pages of poems and wipe out entire projects. Fear is what keeps most of us from putting words on the page. Fear is that voice who reads our drafts and screams, “That’s horrible!” Thank goodness for love. Love does the exact opposite. Love lets us feel like our writing sings…

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