TweetUp & TalkBack Event for ‘The Singing Room’ on April 19th!


I don’t often to use these pages for whoring of personal projects but I have an event coming up that I wanted to let you guys know about and if you are in the Denver area, I’d love to have you attend! My new play The Singing Room opens at Spark Theater on April 12th and to celebrate I’m throwing a #TweetUpAndTalkBack on the following Friday April 19th! What the !@#$ is a #TweetUpAndTalkBack, you ask? It’s a chance for my friends to see my new show at a discounted rate (only $15 bucks!), eat some snacks and attend a post-show discussion with me and the cast of The Singing Room!

The Singing Room tells the story of April, a Spain-bound writer who’s picked karaoke as the activity of choice to celebrate her 25th birthday. Lots of drinking, lots of singing and lots of revelations soon take place. The Singing Room is about growing up, waking up and finding yourself even in the most ridiculous and dramatic of situations. Based on my own countless days spent in bars and some personal birthday disappointments from the past, The Singing Room is a play with real karaoke meaning that every show will be different, rowdy, sporadic and hopefully, hilarious. I’ve never written anything like this and I can’t wait to share it with folks who get me. Talkbacks are a blast and a fun way to get audience’s reactions on the show. To sweeten the deal, yours truly can make a mean chocolate chip cookie ย and whip up a life changing batch of guacamole. How you like me now, David Mamet! Boom.

But seriously, I’d love to have you. So if you are interested in attending, I’m taking reservations at We’ve only got 40 seats so act now as they say on the infomercials. And now back to your regularly scheduled blog…



3 thoughts on “TweetUp & TalkBack Event for ‘The Singing Room’ on April 19th!

  1. Hey Sean!
    Wish I could come, but am grounded in Santa Monica with a newborn. Love love love your blog! I know your play will be amazing. Socal’s loss is Denver’s gain.
    Anne (Bellows)

  2. OMG! I am SO happy for you! And good for you for getting the word out, I know it is going to be *awesome!* I wish I could go, but look forward to hear how it all goes. I am uber-excited for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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