Inspiration for September 7th: You

This is the 100th post here at UrtheInspiration!

Can you believe it?!? I started this little blog back in December 2011 and here we are. The goal of UrtheInspiration was always a simple one: to perhaps provide a laugh or some hope for somebody who’s going through the things I went through. See, when I got sober in 2009 I read the words of people like Elizabeth Lesser, Deb and Ed Shapiro, Carrie Fisher, Louise Hay, Alexander McCall, Raymond Carver, Dorothy Parker, Shakespeare and so on and so on. I clung to them, quoted them and re-read them because I needed them. These words healed me, made me laugh and helped me feel better even if it was just for a few minutes. As a lifelong writer, I thought to myself, “I hope I can do that some day.” I also wanted to really write down parts about my story I was always afraid of and maybe that could help somebody too. And if nobody cared or no one read and everyone hated it, then big deal.  I got it down, I tried and I could move on.

Well, that didn’t happen. You happened. That’s why you’re today’s inspiration. You showed up, you read and most amazingly you told me I wasn’t alone. You told me you had been through the same thing and how you got through it. You laughed and made me laugh.I talked about crazy, uncomfortable shit and you returned the favor by sharing your own honest and courageous battles. The fact is, we writers like to say that we write for ourselves and fuck what anybody thinks. And to some degree this is true. You can’t worry about reaction or if anybody is gonna get it too much or you’ll never get a fucking word on the page! But writers also need readers too. We need people to say, “Yes!!!” or “I loved it” and we even need people to say “WTF” and “Sorry I didn’t get it”.  I  love hearing all of it and I need it. The real gold here is the rare, crazy times over the last year when one or two have said, “Thank you for talking about this” and “I’m going through a rough time and this helped me”. Holy crap. Mission accomplished! Really.

Oh but I’m just getting started! This blog and you all have inspired me to put a book together (Sparkleholic- coming in early 2013!). UrtheInspiration recently got a spiffy new makeover and I’m hoping to get guest posts from you guys too (hint, hint. email me at hint, hint). So here’s to you my blogging friends, Twitter troublemakers, writing comrades, fellow hotmesses, and recovery warriors. Without you, I’d just be talking to myself.

One more favor, (as if listening to my dribble day, after day, wasn’t enough!) if you read this blog leave, please say hi in the comments section today. Since you’re the inspiration today, I’d like to say hello personally and thank you for well, being you!

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  1. Leigh is on a long weekend in California. So you get the me of the we. You know we can’t tell you enough how much we love you to pieces. We love your words and your words are making a difference. Congrats on your Milestone! xOx @The1Accessory and @EggsSmokesEx

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