Inspiration for August 17th: Mae West

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

Happy Friday! I slammed ye ole laptop shut, grabbed my husband’s hand and ran off to the zoo for a little hooky so I apologize for not posting yesterday. So Elvis died on August 16th and Madonna was born on the 16th yet these bold icons surely owe a debt of gratitude to one Mary Jane West born on August 17th, 1893 in Brooklyn, New York.  Mae West, as she was later known, was scandalizing audiences and ticking off censors long before Madonna and Elvis were even born. Every bombshell blonde since West has ripped off her look or act in one way or another for decades. And get this- Mae didn’t even become a major movie star until she was 39. Yet what inspires me about Mae West is that she was a playwright, a joke writer and a careful crafter of the iconic image the world knows and loves today. West wasn’t just in touch with her sexuality but acutely aware of her platform as a creative person. She also tried to infuse her work with her opinions about feminism, gender roles and even gay rights.

So I’m inspired by the notion of using your craft, whatever that may be, to not just entertain, but to talk about the things you’re passionate about. And Mae’s quote about doing life ‘right’ is something to think about too.As I develop three big projects for the next year, these are excellent thing to keep in mind.

But you tell me, lovely readers, who or what inspires you and get’s your juices flowing on this fine Friday?