Inspiration for August 14th: John Chamberlain

“Art is basically made by dissatisfied people who are willing to find some means to relieve the dissatisfaction.” – John Chamberlain

Foil. Foam. Old junk. Rusty car parts. No thrown away object was too odd or too icky for the late sculptor John Chamberlain. Currently in the courtyard of New York City’s Seagram building ,three of Chamberlain’s funky, fluid foam sculptures are on display through November. So it’s only fitting that Chamberlain is today’s inspiration.

By the time of his death last December, John Chamberlain had  major retrospectives in New York and Los Angeles, achieved fame and celebrity status in the art world and was cited as an influence by other artist like Frank Stella and Nancy Rubins. Yet it’s his commitment to keep growing and changing as an artist that inspires me today. Chamberlain dabbled in photography and painting and was experimenting with bright colors in his sculptures even in his fianl days. About creating art he once said, “”…one day something – some one thing – pops out at you, and you pick it up, and you take it over, and you put it somewhere else, and it fits. It’s just the right thing at the right moment. You can do the same thing with words or with metal.”

Exactly, Johnny! Today I’ll do my best to remember that I have a creative outlet to use if I feel dissatisfied or irritable. Likewise, I’ll try to be open to different ideas and things I might not have thought of. And lastly, I’ll practice gratitude for the gift of writing and delight in the creative process where I find, “just the right thing at the right moment.”