Inspiration for August 8th: John Keats

Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

John Keats returned from his long, walking tour today. Well, not today but in 1818 on this day. Wow.  I hope two hundred years after my death some website notes that on this day I returned from the grocery store carrying a bag of cat litter and some Oreo’s. But back to the young poet.  Keats was only 22 when he completed his epic walk and just 25 when he died of tuberculosis. His poems, to me, epitomize the classic tortured 20-something. Each one is filled with passion,stunning prose and a lot of drama. Yet why Keats is perfect for today’s inspiration is his love and appreciation of beauty. During my first year of sobriety, I took some literature classes. Listening to my brilliant professor read Keats’ words was the closest thing I got to heaven at that time. When everything is upside down and you pretty much feel horrible all the time, appreciating beauty is a daunting yet worthwhile task. There was comfort in hearing that people have been sad and screwed up for centuries and there was still things about this world to cherish and be thankful for.

So for August 8th, I’m going to appreciate the beauty in my life. In honor of Keats, I’ll pay attention to the natural beauty around me today and show my gratitude for those things. And I”ll be thankful for the other beautiful stuff in my world too– like my husband, my cat, my career. Mainly, I’m taking today to realize despite it’s flaws and bumps my life is beautiful. And that my friends, is the truth and that’s all ye need to know.

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