Enjoy! (That’s an Order)

I hate blogs that start with some rambling explanation about why the blogger hasn’t written so long. Like who cares? As if the blog reading public was wringing its hands while I slept in and spent my days making cupcakes and going to the library.I barely give a crap so I’ll keep the explanations to a minimum. I’ll only say that for the last ten days while I haven’t been blogging or really pounding away on my other projects with dwindling deadlines, I’ve been doing this weird thing I could never quite manage while I was loaded: I’m really enjoying my life.

Last week my niece had her “continuation” which is basically a nice way of saying “Congratulations on surviving middle school, now run like hell and don’t ever look back!” The whole affair was lovely as was the dinner that followed it even though my sister’s favorite sparring partner, her ex-husband, was in attendance. Everybody got along and my niece was really happy. Other events included the opening of our new theater space, the increase of paid work, trips to the movies and even a few rides on some roller coasters with my nephew. As we’ve talked about before, I truly believe in order to offer anything as a writer that I really need to try to the best of my ability to go experience my life. This can be a tricky task for someone who’s very nature wants to get high and vanish off the face of the Earth. Nevertheless, I’ve needed it.

Things have been really busy around here since January and even though I snuck off to the desert in March, I found myself feeling drained and uninspired. So I stumbled upon a “staycation” of sorts as projects for clients were done remarkably and uncharacteristically early. This allowed me time to read, research my new show, and hang out with my niece and nephew. I was also able to show up for some people in my life who needed the support so that felt good too. The real miracle here (and for non-addicts I realize how stupid this sounds) is that by just being open and available my life has been really fun and lovely. I no longer spend days wanting to drink or get high. I have a spiritual life and love in my life and blah blah blah. What’s incredible is that I don’t wake up in panic or constant calamity everyday. For years, there was always some impending doom or shitstorm brewing. And most of the drama in my life was handcrafted by your’s truly. Right before I quit drinking, I remember laying in my hallway crying and having a hard time breathing.  My stomach was tied in knots and I was in bad shape. Things had gotten really jacked up and I was feeling like my life was about to be over. Turns out I was right! And thank God. Now a few years later, I can actually be present and have fun and sleep well at night. It’s so crazy to be able to feel and experience every part of my life. The good, the bad and the glittery.

So friends and inspirations, what have you been doing to enjoy and savor your life so far this summer? And what’s that little activity or gift from the universe that never fails to put a smile on your face? Fill my comments section with happiness and joy. That’s an order!

10 thoughts on “Enjoy! (That’s an Order)

  1. Can I just say that I love the word “shitstorm.” LOL. Its too late at night to think of anything else clever to say, so I will just say I missed ya my friend! Glad to see a post from you. 🙂

    • Watermelon is an excellent answer! I love it but the husband doesn’t eat it so lugging one home for just little ol me seems like a waste. But I might just do it anyway. I love throwing them in the blender with a little lemon juice and ice water. Yummy.

  2. Experiencing life so you could be a better writer? That’s it, Mahoney, you’ve really gone ’round the bend. Where do you come up with these crackpot notions? Like this being “open and available” kick your on. Is it going to last any longer than your roller boogie phase? Your mother and I spent a lot of money on those skates and that outfit.
    Anyway, I’m glad you’re back on-line. And, of course, finding some peace and happiness. I guess my latest smile-creating incident was going to up to San Francisco this week-end, to see a friend down from Portland playing with his band at The Make Out Room. I hadn’t seen him in 16 years, and he’s never seen me sober, so it was fun unveiling Marius 2.0. Last he saw me I was Marius 0.24. Not a good version, at all. Okay, let’s continue to fight the good fight, even though we’ve ceased fighting everything. Blog on, brother.

    • Marius, Marius, Marius. My comment section is always a happier and more hilarious place with you in the mix. San Francisco sounds like a blast. I really need to go there sober. It’s such a cool place and I bet its even more awesome when you can remember it. It’s on the list for sure.

  3. Taking photos of spring flowers w/my new iPhone 4S and then playing with Instagram to edit them. The added benefit of doing that is that in order to take the pictures I actually have to encounter the outdoors and be interactive with the main human subject, my preschooler, and engage her in play and fun activity.

    Also, apologies for being guilty of the rambling why I’ve been absent blogs. I seriously doubt that many read or interested in much of those, but sometimes it’s the only way to prime the pump and figure out the blockage. I figure whoever is interested will read and the rest will just move on. But, it’s nice to know you do stop in and read through. Thanks for that! 🙂

    • Oh Preschoolers are wonderful for making us stop and enjoy our lives. I hung out with my then 3 year old niece during my first year of sobriety a lot. She wasn’t worried about the past and always woke up happy and found everything to be exciting. It was like this toddler was showing me how to really live. I’m eternally grateful for her. And I’m grateful for you and that you stop by and read. Thanks!- Sean

  4. I love this! Stuff I’ve been doing to keep busy and happy: pilates, lots of water drinking, naps, reading blogs and books like crazy, eating fresh watermelon, admiring the sunshine.

    • Sounds like a rocking summer to me and hooray for books! I swear I don’t know if I would have survived major chunks of my life if it wasn’t for reading. Anyway, thanks for the comment love and for dropping by!

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