5 Things That Remind Me I’m Still An Alcoholic

5.) I still drink everything to the last drop: Recently, I guzzled down a glass of ice tea as if it was the last beverage on Earth.  I even sucked the tea out of the ice cubes like I was an anteater. The thing is: it wasn’t very good ice tea. In fact, it was horrible ass-brewed ice tea that tasted like a Glade Air Freshener. Didn’t matter. And doesn’t matter if it’s coffee, flat diet Mountain Dew or a thick chocolate shake, I gulp everything down like it’s a tequila shot. And regardless of what it is, I want more. (Duh)

4.) I still don’t know how to do ‘Happy Hour’: Or perhaps I should say my Happy Hour in SeanLand never lasted an hour and never wound up too happy. I never had that one after work drink over chicken wings with the gals from accounting. Happy Hour to me meant I had 6 two-for-one margaritas and the blackout walk home just happened earlier in the day than usual. Like I said, I don’t get it. Likewise you won’t find me in Vegas or at Mardi Gras or Oktoberfest. Thems drinkin’ places and without booze I fail to see the point.

3.) I still wake up in Saturday with a little dread: Altough I’ve been sober for a few years, a part of me still wakes up with that momentary “What the hell did I do” feeling on Saturday mornings. It passes faster these days mainly because my life is boring (and in a good way). It’s nice not welcoming in the weekend wondering what the fuck I said or sent in a text or did the night before. People who haven’t “cussed a bitch out” in a drunken haze rarely experience this kind of humiliation and good for them! I wish I was one of them but I’m not. I’m the guy who drinks and then yells at you. Charmed, I’m sure!

2.) I read stories about Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson and I identify: No really. Aside from that whole being a child star thing or being a crazy racist thing, I totally get these two. Love it or hate it: I know that we suffer from the same shit. Normal folk, on the other hand, read tales of their drunken terrors and shake their heads. I read that stuff and think, “Oh my god! Me too!”

1.) I don’t understand the concept of “Just one”: This sounds stupid because of how simple it is but hear me out. I was sitting with my husband a year ago and he had half of a glass of wine. And it just sat there. On further far and few between instances with alcohol, he would just have one drink. Or rather he could have just one drink. Fascinating! When I saw him do this the first time, I distinctly remember thinking to myself, “There’s something I could never do!” And that’s the point! I was always looking for some concrete, absolute evidence of proof positive that I am in fact an alcoholic. And since AA doesn’t send you a plaque or a special sticker for your windshield, this was my proof. Yes there were thousands of other flaming signs that pointed to my alcoholism. But in the simplest of terms, when it comes to drinking alcohol I just can’t stop.

So there you go! My first listy type of blog! Did you enjoy it?  Clearly, there are others and maybe we could add to the list. Also, it should be noted these are just my ways of remembering that I’m an alcoholic and by no means a definitive list for others questioning if they are or aren’t touched by this special condition.  In the end, it doesn’t matter how I remember, I’m just happy that I do.

21 thoughts on “5 Things That Remind Me I’m Still An Alcoholic

  1. I love the one about waking up with a feeling of dread. When you don’t have yourself to beat up the next day, it gets pretty quiet in there. Keep going. love it all

    • I know! What a bummer when I discovered that nine times out of ten the person causing the proverbial “other shoe to drop” was me. Yet it’s a real freedom today to know that I can hang onto those shoes and I don’t have to drop them or wake up in panic and I have a choice. Amazing! Love you J.

  2. It kind of goes with #1, but I can’t handle it when my “normal” friends leave an inch of wine, beer, or Kamakazi in there glass. “Aren’t you going to finish that?” I ask. “Oh, I’m done,” they say. The hell you are. What’s wrong with these people, Sean?

  3. OH I don’t get “just one” either. You know what puzzles me the most, though? People who buy a new drink because their first one “got WARM.” WARM???!!! It gets warm in the TUMMY not in the GLASS (or bottle or can or whatever). Well, thank God I don’t have to drink today. Thank God, Thank God. What a great post. Thanks for sharing!

    • Wow. Turning down a cocktail because it got warm is some fancy-schmancy stuff! My ghetto ass would pretty much drink anything as long as it had booze in it. But yeah you’re right. It’s awesome that I don’t have to drink today either. Thanks for popping by! – s.

  4. Can have alchohol in the house & not drinki..or have “just one”.. However weed is a different story..Weed in the house? Stoned 24/7… if it’s not there, no problem.. So now, I don’t keep it around..Or ice cream or cookies..We each have our addictions..

    • That is certainly true, Cindy. From food to sex to alcohol and porn, everybody seems addicted to something. At least all the interesting people are addicts anyway 😉

  5. I quit drinking in December 2007. Haven’t had a drink since. Once in a while I find myself in the liquor store staring at bottles. I’ll just buy a lotto ticket and walk out. As much as I miss my drinking days I wish I’d never started in the first place.

    I’m not telling you what to do, simply responding to a post I once related to.

    • Awesome Mark! I quit January 2nd 2009. I was compelled to write this list because I think sometimes I believe I’m “all better” and needed a reminder that “yes, I still have alcoholism”. Glad you stopped by and that we connected on Twitter!

    • Hey Thank you for reading my blog!! The Miracle is Around the Corner is a great name for a blog and I believe it to be true. It’s also a miracle that my drunken drugged out shenanigans didn’t kill me. So that’s awesome. Anyway thanks for being a kindred spirit and for reading. xo- Sean

  6. Hey – a friend sent me your blog, and I’m loving it. I got sober in early 2010. I am still baffled by those people who can sip on a drink for hours and hours (“nursing” really is the right word) and never finish it. It took me years to notice that some people did that – I think I just assumed that everyone gulped down the first drink in 13 seconds the way I did. I also assumed they were also as attached to/obsessed with alcohol as I was and that some people simply had greater willpower than I did. I now realize that they simply don’t care about it. It boggles the mind!

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