The Odds are Good but the Goods are Odd

When I heard there were hundreds of gay AA meetings in the Los Angeles area when I first got sober, I thought to myself, “Great. I can make my life all better and pick up a boyfriend while I’m here. Fabulous!” I mean you might as well multi-task, right?

So I showed up to my first gay AA meeting in Santa Monica expecting good things. I figured since sober gays didn’t hang out in bars to meet people they must have come here to find hookups and boyfriends. As the meeting started, however, my plan crumbled. First off, there were a lot of lesbians there. Which is fine. In fact, I’m kind of a lesbian groupie. Later on in my Santa Monica sobriety, I befriended all of the coolest lesbians in the program, watched their dogs and even had one as my sponsor. But that didn’t help with the boyfriend item on the agenda. Secondly, the people in this place were really jacked up. I know. Fucked up people at a 12 step meeting–go figure! As they went around the room and shared. I heard these kinda cute guys tell stories of DUIs and suicide attempts. My heart went out to all these men who were battling to stop drinking and just to stay alive. But hitting on them after the meeting seemed highly inappropriate and just wrong. Around that time,  my friend Sarah passed on the wisdom that when it came to the men in AA, “The odds are good but the goods are odd.”

Lastly, and this was the worst part, I realized I was like them and therefore in no position to date. Bummer. That didn’t mean I couldn’t look, no? Seriously, thank god for all of the alcoholic actors and models in AA. They made a lot of boring meetings more enjoyable. I remember when I was looking for a sponsor, I went to a meeting in West Hollywood in the middle of the day. When the time came for the, “Would anyone willing to be a sponsor” announcement, a dozen or so guys who clearly just stepped off the Gay Porn Express all raised their hands.  Well, that wasn’t gonna work. I’d spend all my time trying to figure out how to get my sponsor to sleep with me instead of getting sober. Hence why I wound up with an ass kicking nurse and later a loving lesbian as my first two sponsors. But I digress.

My crazy ass actually wondered, on several occasions, why I wasn’t being hit on at more meetings. Like didn’t they know how hot I was? Weren’t they dying to break off a piece of this? Um. No. And I can’t say I blame them. My life was a hot mess and I was fucking nuts. So no, my toxic, curdled milkshake did not bring all the boys to the yard. And perhaps I wasn’t getting hit on because most people at meetings aren’t there to hookup. They were there to get better. What a concept!

As the wild ride in recovery continued, I realized I needed these meetings too and I needed to stay alive and I wanted my life back. I eventually started believing that maybe one day somebody could actually want what I had going on. And maybe, if I did the work and stopped drinking, even my goods could be a little less odd.

11 thoughts on “The Odds are Good but the Goods are Odd

  1. This is SO great! I love it. Especially the last line. Sean, if I were a guy, gay, and lived nearby I’d so hit on you. Even though you’re married. Ha! Hope you’re as great as your writing today, bro. Hugs, H

    • Heather- you rock! And I’m flattered. I think my goods are less odd today but still odd enough to be interesting. 😉 hope you have a good day too!

  2. OMG, hilarious. Curdled milkshake…oh boy. I love your way with words and I am so happy that your odds are getting better! Here’s to another sober day. Congrats! Have a rockin day mister.

      • Wow! Thank you for the compliment! Some of that stuff is pretty hard to admit and put out there, but gotta be honest. Otherwise…I’m not doing justice to the story/journey. Me thinks I might do another post about the most difficult thing I’ve talked about on here…I hate the taboo of the topic lately… Thanks again and thanks for your inspiration as well. I love your stories…LOVE THEM!

  3. You need to come to Florida! When we get a new gay member, they become the center of attention 🙂 I volunteer to personally escort….for entertainment’s sake!

  4. I moveing to LA. I have 22yrs, I got a job, I need a place to live, for a month. As so I get pay, I well pay you. I don’t know anyone there. Please help, I well take care of mysefl. I just neet a place, and a meetting too.

    • Bruce, thanks for your comment and I understand the tough spot you’re in. Unfortunately, I no longer live in Los Angeles. But the ATCenter in Silver Lake is a fabulous resource for finding a place to live and they have meetings around the clock. Great sobriety and community there! Here’s their website:
      Best of luck to you!

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