Sorry State of Sorry

Being me in a relationship means spending a lot of time apologizing, coming clean, admitting to whackadoodle behavior and saying sorry. I do this to catch myself and to call myself out and mainly to prevent myself from acting a fool in the future. Yet every so often I’m a human being and I act like a total jackass and no mea culpa can get me out of it. Yeah I’ve recovered from alcoholism and addiction but I haven’t completely recovered from being a self-obsessed, ego-driven jackass. Take last night for example. Please.

The husband and I had a misunderstanding that snowballed into a flurry of hurt feelings, definitive “I quit!”- type of declarations and general huffing and moping. In addition to being married to one another we collaborate on theatrical and artistic projects. Most of the time we work well together. Last night was not one of those times. As I piece together the recent  history of my assholery, I can see exactly where things went wrong. He was already in a bad mood when a work topic came up late last night after a day of rehearsals from Satan. Instead of just agreeing or offering to table the talk until later, I wanted to lock horns. Translation: I wanted to be right and wanted him to feel bad. Well as you can guess that worked out fabulously for me and we didn’t really talk until late this afternoon after spending several hours feeling horrible. I apologized last night. But it was kind of a Splenda apology, you know not the real thing. I was sort of like “I’m sorry but you suck because of …” Yeah not a great apology especially from somebody who routinely has to say sorry for the stupid things they’ve done. The fact is I was in the wrong for verbally jumping down his throat but I was too pissed off to admit I was wrong. This morning,  he went to a work thing and I stomped off to a meeting. As I walked home, I felt sad that I was horrible to my best friend and sad that I allowed myself to act like such a tool. I don’t have fights or drama or ‘stuff’ with people anymore so when I do it really makes me feel awful. Luckily, we cleared the air when I returned and after some veggie pasta and reality TV, things got back to normal. I even apologized for my crappy apology and gave him the heartfelt, real thing.

The lesson here was one I seem to have to keep learning: I’m not done. I’ll probably have to keep saying sorry and admitting when I’m wrong and praying for willingness to change as long as I live. And that’s okay. It sure beats bitching in a bar somewhere about how the world is out to get me and how I’ve been done wrong. Talk about a sorry existence.

7 thoughts on “Sorry State of Sorry

  1. Isn’t it great that you CAN say you’re sorry?! Even if it is a “Splenda” kinda thing…I love that recovery gives us the ability to grow up. You are too cool. Just too cool.

    • Thanks, Jennifer! The “ability to grow up” Hmm. I love that! Mainly because I never thought it was possible for me. You’re pretty darn cool yourself by the way!

  2. We are only plain imperfect humans and the absolutely fabulous thing is that you acknowledge that. It’s okay to f*** up if only one has the sense to realise that and to be strong and to face our own wrongings and to appologize.

    I admire you for your willingness to change, that is precisely how I want to be myself. I hope I’m never done, so that I walk through life always learning and hopefully becoming a better person.

    Thank you so much for sharing this so honest post, it is such a great read – take care dear Sean!

    • And thank you for your lovely and heartfelt comments. It’s not easy being willing and it sucks admitting that we’re wrong. But in the end it’s a better way to try to live than the other options.

  3. ass-holery, Splenda apology, … beautiful words and graphic. I can See those words, they hit home as always when I visit here. Thanks you. Good message for me.

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