You Can’t Handle the Tooth

First things first, my blogging and overall online communication has taken a dump this week and I hate it.  I’ve  really missed the exchange with readers, bloggers and fellow whackadoodles.  And it’s all the fault of one very angry tooth.

My teeth, like the grills of so many ex-drunks and junkies, tell the story of neglect and abuse. They have needed attending to for years and have become painful over the last few months. The past ten days, however, have been unbearably painful. It is abundantly clear that I must once again face the proverbial music and get down with my bad self. When  my face was throbbing this morning as if a rhino had done double dutch on my jaw, I was thinking to myself, “This is good.” I then laughed because this is far from good. I’m in a shitload of pain, don’t have insurance, and know this process will eat up money and time I do not have. But this is good. I know from experience that pain always brings about necessary and positive changes in my life. It would be nice if I could have taken preventative measures and taken action before it got to this point but that is not how I roll. I have a thick head and like doing things the hard way so big-time oral surgery and a full mouth makeover is how this is most likely going to play out.  I’ve already put my sister, who has been sober for seven years, on notice that she’ll have to police my meds after I get my work done. I was never really a pill popper but when it comes to me and addictive substances never say never. The money, the insurance, the particulars are all things I let the my HP take care of.  He’s more qualified for that stuff anyway.

In the end, I’m grateful I am sober and for being in a position where I can face something”scary” like an angry tooth. In yesterhaze gone by, I would have just drank until the pain went away (which would have never happened) or I would have cooked up a hair-brained scheme to rid myself of the tooth. I shudder at the thought. Again, life is good today and angry teeth can easily become happy teeth if I stay in a solution.

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Handle the Tooth

  1. Sean, wow I’m sorry. Reading this reminded me of a couple weeks of hell I went through this last summer. I had a series of dental nightmares, including a dry socket, which I suffered through for too long because I was paranoid about pills, even though I never had that issue. So sorry for you!! It sucks. But be careful not to abuse yourself. I didn’t go back to the dentist for the dry socket until I realized I was thinking about drinking to ease the pain. Better to take a pill! I made it through fine, but I agree caution is good. Take care and we’ll all still be here and still love you if you disappear again fora few days. Isn’t remarkable, though, how we begin to feel accountable to readers to post? It’s probably a good thing. I’m watching you, bro. There’s no escape now. Hugs, Heather

  2. YUK, toothache is the pits. No words of wisdom from me. Just a lot of support, it must be terribly daunting on many levels but as you say pain does tend to bring about the necessary & positive changes. You are a SURVIVOR & with a great sense of humour to boot 🙂
    I have also decided to nominate you for the versatile blogger award. You have to stop being so incredible good at blogging. Here is the link

    • Aww. Thanks again. You’re inflating my already balloon like ego with all these kudos and awards. Yeah. It’s all positive changes regardless of how much it currently hurts.

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