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It’s either a desperate descent into internet popularity whoredom or a sign that I might actually be running out things to blog about (already) but I can’t help myself. I need to write about my cat. Don’t judge me.


Today I snuck away from Ye Olde Home Office and went to a meeting. A guy shared about his dog who died over the weekend and the fact that he didn’t drink over it. This heartfelt and devastating share opened the flood gates for others to talk about their loss and the lives with animals.I can’t speak for other alcoholics or addicts ( and the minute I do , please call me on my shit) but I am so awkward around people and worried about saying the right thing that being with animals is a relief. They don’t care about what I’m wearing or what I do for a living or who I know. They want food, some petting and they want to sleep which oddly enough sounds like a lot of alcoholics I know too. Anyway, we could all identify and I was thinking about how sad I’d be if I lost that little lady  in the photo with the toy lobster.

Maeby (after Maeby Bluth on Arrested Developement) came to us through my husband’s old roommate. The condensed version is she couldn’t take her  to her boyfriend’s condo where she was moving and we had hung out with the cat a lot so we said, “Sure.” Fact is we had already fallen in love with her and her ridiculous ways. Without sounding like insane cat person (too late), she’s just the quirkiest and cutest cat on the planet. She meows day and night like she’s talking, she sleeps on the refrigerator and she knows how to play fetch (thanks to hours of practice at Ye Olde Home Office). Hilarious and adorable. Mainly, she’s become a companion as I work and write from home. But loving her and having her in our home is also a living amends to the dog and cat I had to give up when I  first got sober. I heartbreakingly had to leave two furry faces behind when I embarked on my journey to get better. At that stage I couldn’t even take care of myself so my ex and another friend stepped in. I missed them but knew animals would stay constant in my life even if I didn’t have any. And boy did they. In my first year and a half of sobriety, I turned into the AA pet sitter to the stars. In 9 months I looked after 4 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 chickens. And then I moved to Colorado to be with my future husband and Maeby snuck into my life.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is everything comes back and love comes from all kinds of places. Even in the moments when I thought I was all alone, I was surrounded by animals. Or family members who cheered and prayed for me from distant sidelines. Or program friends who brought me groceries when I was broke. And it’s amazing that a  blog about a little cat who meows too much can make me realize how lucky I am.

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